Eating On An Empty Will Power Tank

We’ve all been there.  You go into a grocery store famished & buy all kinds of food that you normally wouldn’t because everything, especially the junk food, looks delicious.  You go to dinner “starved” & eat WAY MORE than you would normally, you’re so hungry that you order something big & eat so quickly that you don’t have a chance to notice you’ve gone past full & are now STUFFED.  When your supply of will power is on empty it makes it impossible to make good choices.  Here are 10 things you can do to keep will power on your side & make sure it never gets so low that you make poor choices. Continue reading


Hunger Is Good, Intense Hunger Is Not

I have gotten to a point where I love being a little hungry.  Food tastes better when your hungry and there’s nothing better than getting to a meal you’ve been looking forward to eating & have it taste amazing.

Another plus with hunger is that after every meal, your insulin levels increase. Increased insulin actually prevents fat burning.  By taking a break from food long enough to get hungry between meals, it gives your body time to reach into your fat stores and burn them for fuel.

When you’re eating mini meals & snacks at the first slight feeling of hunger,  you never let your body get to the point where it has to burn the fat.  Continue reading

When Will Power Runs Out

Studies on will power have shown that we only have so much of it each day & when we use it up, we tend to make bad choices.  When you do things that are REALLY hard to get yourself to do it takes a lot of will power & things that aren’t as hard take much less.  It’s why at the end of the day you are most likely to do things you might regret in the morning.  It’s why when you are trying to lose weight & are “good” all day you’re will power is all gone & you are defenseless against the ice cream in the freezer at night. Continue reading

Will Power’s Day Off

So much of what I read these days is about intuitive eating, or listening to your body.  It feels like everyone’s goal should be to get to a point where they are in tune with their body & eat according to feelings of hunger.  Unfortunately for me, my stomach & my head want different things.  I doubt I will ever get to a point where I always push back because I WANT to after a meal & the thing is, I think that’s normal.

Eating is the only part of my life that I thought I should be able to eventually quit using will power.   Continue reading

The 2 Things That Put An End To Binges

The most common story I hear from others goes like this:

At one point we feel that we need to lose weight.  We decide to give up things that aren’t healthy & focus on eating lite & exercising.  We read about things we should eat if we want to lose weight such as lean meat, low fat dairy, veggies, sometimes fruit, whole grains, fiber, protein, etc, etc, and plan our meals around these things.  Eventually we burn out & have a moment of weakness where we eat the things we have given up.  Over time we try to restrict ourselves more which leads to more moments of weakness.  Eventually we find ourselves having “what the hell” moments where when we can’t live up to our expectations we overeat or binge on the things we don’t normally allow ourselves to have.

I finally got sick of that being my story this year so I changed how I ate.  I found that 2 things can eliminate binges for me. Continue reading